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A Little Fox and Me - Una Zorrita y Yo

Eileen Henry Haun


No Rest for the Wicked

Basil B. Clark




21 Day Journal On The Gospel Of John
Leslie A. Cory

Life Between the Poles

Joe Smith


Lady Alone


Steven Amory Twitty

Owliver Owlbert Goes to the Beach

Prisha Pruohit

Upside Down to Rightside Up

Jade Krauss Thornton

Hope to Win - Prepare to Loose

Jerry H. Summers

Inside the Scriptures

H.S. Dean

Murder: Anarchy or Ethical Behaviour in the Twenty-first Century

Charles Wright, Esq.

Of Loss, Grief and Hope

Kristina Sanchez-Mills


Penelope Hope

Celebrating Four Seasons WithTopsy and Sunshine

Beverly Miller

History of Emannuel United Methodist Church

Bill McLaughlin


A To Z Speech Therapy

Penelope Hope

Life Changing Events

Basil B. Clark


J. Douglas Adams



Penelope Hope

A Glimmer of Hope

Sandra Mills

Jackie Mitchell

John M. Kovach

Nellie Kenyon: Trailblazing Tennessee Journalist

Tyler L. Boyd

Tri-State Reflections

Jerry H. Summers

Massacre At Hill 303

Basil B. Clark


Tennessee Trivia No. 1

Jerry H.Summers

What's Going On Out There? Adventures of Camel and Snatch Cat

Anna Trimieu

Wit and Wisdon of the Mothers of Chief John Ross
Edited by Susan Fay Whelchel
Illustrations by Christine Keefe

Secrets of the Square

Marge McNutt

So Much for the White Picket Fence: a memoir

Karen LaGraff


Street Christian Devil

Trenton Scott



At Home: life with inspiration and support from our creator

P.K. Harris

Fellowship: a history of Red Bank Baptist men's Fellowship Class
Compiled by Jack Hixson and Russell Bean

From The Tree to The Tree

Compiled by Joseph Postell
Paintings by Douglas Brock

The Christmas Poem: a journey with my father

Steven H. Strain

Accessible Trails in Chickamauga Park

M. Wade Wright

Adventures of Jake the Snake: case of the discontented cow

Joyce McK-Hammers
Illustrated by Kristina Sanchez-Mills


One Shot Short

Jerry H. Summers


Ma Guy: Ghost Devil

A. J. Morano


Translating the Language of the Newborn: explaining the first few days of life

Nancy McGinty


Ha Ha The Book of Humor

Eric Marton Cuningham



Bhuvan Bhadra

An Empire Divided:
Atlanta and Chattanooga family dynasties from the early days of Coca-Cola

William Parker


The Adventures of Topsy and Sunshine 

Vanda McGalliard Kincaid


Band of Suspicion

H. S. Dean


Memories of Life

Wilma Jean Walker Adair


The Turtle and
the Lawyer


Jerry H. Summers


You're Never Over- the-Hill: Every Decade Counts on the Journey to Wisdom Keeper
and Sage

Melanie Adair;
Joe Adair


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bible

Deacon Alvin Bray


Stanley J. Farmer: We Called Him Coach


Jerry H. Summers


Out of the Ashes 1958-1982

Jerry H Summers


Rush to Justice? Tennessee's Forgotten Trial of the Century - Schoolfield 1958

Jerry H. Summers



Secrets of The Forest: Volume 1
Magic & Mystery of Plants and
The Lore of Survival

Mark Warren


Secrets of The Forest: Volume 2
Callling Up the Flame and Feeding the Spirit

Mark Warren

  Secrets of The Forest:Volume 3
Eye to Eye with the Animals of the Wild and At Play in the Wild

Mark Warren

Secrets of The Forest:Volume 4
The Art of Archery & Other Projectiles and The Blessed Path of Water

Mark Warren

We Interrupt This Broadcast:
A Veteran Looks Back on His WW II Tour of Duty

Paul Sikorski


Gentle Flower Growing Wild

Fartema Fagin


From Harlem to Wall Street and Beyond:
to Africa Where It
All Began

Raphael-Ray Davis


Walking With Friends:
Some Signal Mountain Walks

Jean Blair Dolan


Star's Adventures

Kate Lynn



Buck Simmons:
The Living Legend

Gary Parker


Ebba Exactly

Gertie Frank


Milky the Frog

David Alexander


Red Clay and Dust:
The Evolution of Southern Dirt Racing

Gary Parker


The Rock-em, Sock-em, Travelin' Sideways DIRT SHOW

Gary Parker


Herb "Tootle" Estes:
the Little Engine
That Could

Gary Parker


Sooli's Magic Christmas

Mary Wier
Illustrated by Aileen Cometa Musco
  God Has Always Been My Co-Pilot

Jim Wells

The Adventures
of Nikki Moon

Miranda Nunley


Never Having to Say:
Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

Roslynne Steinberg


Blast Off to Outer Darkness

Jack Yokley


Reflections From Along the Path

Jim Hatcher


Walking the Hill: Memories, Dreams and Stories of Baylor

Herbert B. Barks

100 Years
The Little Brown Church In The Wildwood

Karen Paul Stone


Son of a Father

Basil B. Clark

Also available as an E-Book


Part 1 Dark Black Friday
Part 2 Made In China

Darryl Dean Wright


Adventures of Space Cadets 101: ISIS


Darryl Wright


Volume I:
Songs and Poems


Darryl Dean Wright


Adventures of Space Cadets 101: Space Pirates, Allies and Aliens


Darryl Wright


Adventures of Space Cadets 101: Invasions


Darryl Wright


Adventures of Space Cadets 101: Weddings


Darryl Wright


Adventures of Space Cadets 101: Back At It On Two Fronts


Daryyl Wright

Adventures of Space Cadets 101: Captain Kirk... Houston


Darryl Wright

Dark Black Friday


Darryl Wright


Troutdale Boy:
The Story of a Correctional Worker from Appalachia

David Combs


Reminiscences of My Life

Bernard Jules Antoine de Plan Comte de Sieyes de Veynes


A Time to be Born:
Meditations on the Birth of a Child

John B. Phillips


Farming in America

Theodore McGee


World Religions

Theodore McGee

General Motors and More

Theodore McGee


Cedar Grove: A Place We Call Home

Melba Mooneyham


War Wounded: Let The Healing Begin

Basil B. Clark



Waldens Ridge:
The Early Years

Karen Paul Stone


United States Presidents

Theodore McGee


Rambling Memories of My Life's Journey

Mary Jane Garmany

How To Start A Court Recording Business

Deven Moor



Coleman Curriculum for School Based Occupational Therapy

Tom Coleman


Thoughts from My Life's Experiences

Gene Crawford


My Name Was Fear

Crystal Shadrick
Illustrations by Berri Marie


My Juanita: the Life Story of Juanita Denton Cate

Paul C. Cate



A Decade of Stone Family Celebrations

Charlie and
Karen Stone


The Heard of God

Emily Herd

Survival Manual for Elders: Encouraging Elders' Resiliency Potential
Melanie Adair, M.A.
Joe B. Adair, Ph.D.
Kort Nygard, Ph.D.
Also an E-BOOK
Downloads From God: Seven Portals to Peace
Melanie Adair, M.A,
Joe B. Adair, Ph.D.

Also available as an

Today's African American: The Invisible Slave

W. D. Clark


Parables & People:
Stories of Yesteryear

Howard W. Hatcher


The Naked Truth:
As I See It

Joan Grantham


Honoring Our History Anticipating Our Future

Susan Westbrook


In the Year 1925

Ed Robinette


A Collection of Folklore from Soddy, Tennessee

Bonnie Bryant

  Lovett Reed: Revolutionary
War Veteran And His Descendants
Second Edition

Donald Coleman


Theodore McGee


My Heroes

Jack Ferrell


Daydreaming in Class

Wendy Fox


It's A Long Way From Halls

Raymond Hale


Dunning Chronicles Harriet Dunning


God Alters Alzheimer's

Marge McNutt


Zephers of the Wind

G. Milton Luttrell


Sweet is Dead

Wendy Fox


The Fifth-Graders' Court

Wendy Fox


Goldmine: the teen's guide to unlimted potential

Raymond Bandy

Auto Parts, Pickin' and Politickin':
the three lives of
Fred McMahan

Dick McHugh

The Cabin Chronicles

David J. Helms


Cat Magic

Marion Joyce Zelman
Ilustrated by Vanessa North


A Rubayat for Cats

Marion Joyce Zelman


Cat Magic I I: Enchanted Tails

Marion Joyce Zelman


Fort Loudoun in Tennessee

Carl Kuttruff


150 Years Pike County Kentucky

Pike County Historical Society

Granddaddy Tell Me A Story

Howard W. Hatcher


How to Live Homeless in Style

Dr. Robert Spalding


Miss Sherley's Southern Cooking

Shirley J. Gordon


Stanley Kenneth Brown

Rainbows and Silver Linings

Earlene Roberts

Drug Subs; The Worldwide Invasion by the Narco- Submarine Fleet
Dr. Robert Spalding

Sara Clause

Dr. Robert Spalding


Beyond the Mountain

Bill McLaughlin


Straight into the Heart of Christ

Joan Guild Colmore


Cherished Family Stories

compiled by
Ruth Card Ashby

Shorty's Pimp: Poems Inspiring My People

Derek Wade


Sunrise - Sunset

William Marshall Weller

A Stroll On The Beach

Patsy Magrath Phillips

Why Has God Let Me Live This Long

Melanie Adair, MA
Joe B. Adair, PhD


Success is Never Final, Failure is Never Fatal

Dr. Thomas A. Owen

The Sage Movement:
Replacing Ageism with Sageism

Melanie Adair, MA
Joe B. Adair, PhD
N Kortner Nygard

Heritage of Faithfulness:
A Legacy of Love

Ardys Baird Soules



Ted McGee


Memory Book Recipes

Marty Akin

Bombs Away!
My Life and Training As A B-26 Pilot
Edward L. Ryon

The eye of the Spur

John Douglas Brock

  Reaching Paradise through Intercourse

Sam Drash
Columns Left:
Essayettes of a 20th Century Man

Jac Chambliss


Memoirs of a Trial Advocate

Jac Chambliss


Your Personality is Showing

Thomas A. Owen

The SENSEsational Alphabet:
See - Read - Touch - Feel - Scratch & Smell - Hear - Learn - Have fun!
April Rofé
of Faith
Eva Susan

God Spoke to Me (and You) of His Love

Jane K. Watson

  Alphabeto SENSsacional:
Spanish Edition of The SENSEsational Alphabet
April Rofé
  Formas, Colores, Numeros del la serie Alfabeto SENSsacional

April Rofé

Shapes, Colors, Numbers of the
SENSEsational Alphabet series

April Rofé


Death by Pedicure: the dirty secrets of nail salons

Dr. Robert Spalding

Interrupting Behavioral Evolution

David J. Pope

Prehistoric People of Moccasin Bend

Alexander, Pickard & Williams
Illustrations by Ashli
Wildflowers of Pigeon Mountain
Including Lookout Mountain, Cloudland
Canyon State Park
and Chickamauga Natonal Military Park In Norhtwest Georgia
E.H. "Jay " Clark

Weight Loss
Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

R. Wayne Guffey, Ed.D.
To Our Great- Grandchildren
Ruth Ashby
  Effective CD Counseling
Early stage chemical dependency counseling

S. Ed Hale, D.Ed.
Fun with Funds
A system for managing money according to God's Principles
Marjorie R. McNutt
Echoes of
McLemore Cove
(Walker County, Georgia)
Vera C. Coulter

The Mystery of the Midnight Blaze

Ashley Boaz

For Three

Mary R. Crabtree Dupree

Scars & Stripes:
Hope for adult children of alcoholic families

Roy H. Cantrell, PhD
Life With Alz:
A woman's diary of her husband's journey into Alzheimer's disease

Mildred Key Thomas
My College Tips:
Written by a college student, for college students

James S. Parker
Miss Martha's
Tales from Waverly Manor and the orphaned animals that live there

Martha Dee Wilford
The Business
of Music
For the Christian
and Gospel Industries

A. Williams and J. King
History of
Elgin Crossroads
& Nearbys

Beverly Henderson and
Elgin Book Committee
for Eternity:
A History of Boyd Buchannan School

Karen Stone
Lovett Reed: Revolutionary War Veteran And His Descendants
Donald Coleman
The Little Brown Church in the Wildwood:
First 90 years of Union Chapel
Karen Paul Ston
Bridge Play

James Lee
  Steps Of The

Raymond E. Cox

The Divine Weaver

Nellie Mae and
Arthur Lee Rankin, Jr

The Ancestry of Stuart William Gill and His Wife
Mary Katherine
Ault Gill

Mary K. A. Gill


Lucius A. and
Marietta Z. Dickerson

Secrets of the

Marjorie R. McNutt
Edited by Karen Stone
  My Soul's Boast

Margaret Winslett

Fun With Funds

Marjorie R. McNutt


Robert E. Milward
WWhere is the Bluegrasshere Is
the Bluegrass

Carol Chestnut

150 Years
Pike County

Water Under
The Bridge:

W. E. Davis, M.D.
Caring and
 In Congo and Kentucky

W. E. Davis, M.D
Iron Furnaces
of the Hanging
Rock Iron Region
Wayne County
Times Illustrated
From Morgan
County History
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