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Reaching Paradise Through Intercourse:
American Towns With Unique Names
Author Sam Drash
ISBN 978-0-9793712-3-3
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 5.5" x 8.5"; full color photographs of towns; 336 pages; perfect bound; $19.95
Availability September 2007
Order from
Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
100 Clegg Street
Signal Mt., TN 37377
You may wonder why I chose such a strange title for my book. I am sure all of us want to go to Paradise when we leave this life. Sometimes, as we struggle through life’s difficult times and its temptations, we may wonder how we will ever reach Paradise. To have the experience of reaching Paradise during this lifetime, all one needs to do is to travel a few short miles from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, to Paradise, Pennsylvania. They are about three miles apart. The best way to reach Paradise is through Intercourse. Of course, one could also visit Paradise in California, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Texas, or Utah. However, it might not be as unique as reaching Paradise through Intercourse. --- Sam Drash

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007928234

Have you ever visited or
lived in any of these towns?
. . . This book shows how special all towns are
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Walla Walla, Washington
American Fork, Utah
Chevrolet, Kentucky
Buckeye, Arizona
Flintstone, Georgia
Gnawbone, Indiana
Canadian, Oklahoma
Smackover, Arkansas
Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee
South Kingstown, Rhode Island
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Alabama, New York
Boring, Maryland
Russia, Ohio
Normal, Illinois
Frostproof, Florida
Cut-N-Shoot, Texas
Hungry Horse, Montana
Rough and Ready, California
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

More Towns are listed in Reaching Paradise Through Intercourse! Your town may be among them.

About The Author

 Sam Drash holds a BA degree from Rhodes College of Memphis, Tennessee, a masters in history from FloridaState University, and a masters in school administration from Auburn University. He became interested in unusual place names through teaching American History. He is co-author of The Story of Dr. J. Wayne Drash and author of A Father’s Story for His Sons. He and Ginny, his wife, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Take the Quiz
1. What town was named for a famous radio show of the 1940s? See page 164.
2. How did Wild Horse, Colorado receive its name? See page 204.
3. There is a town in Alaska named for the ptarmigan bird. Since the people did not know how to spell it, what was the name of another bird that was given to the town? See page 318.
4. What town in Maryland is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same way frontward or backward? See page 99.
5. How did the town of Fort Supply, Oklahoma receive its name? See page 148.
6. What town in Michigan was known at one time as Clam Lake, but was later changed by some early settlers there who had originally lived in Detroit? See page 221.
7. What was the famous “Zip to Zap” in 1969? See page 289.
8. What is the name of a city in Washington that Lewis and Clark first heard during their historic trip to the Pacific Coast in 1805-1806? See page 315.
9. How did Paw Paw, Illinois receive its name? See page 258.
10. Name two states that have towns named Woonsocket. See pages 34 & 287.
11. How did Aw-Gwah-Ching, Minnesota get its name? See page 207.
12. Fishkill, New York is derived from what two Dutch words? See page 48.
13. What town in Hawaii received its name because it was chosen in a naming contest in 1890? See page 321.
14. Were the famous concerts at Woodstock in 1969 held at Woodstock, Vermont? See page 33.
15. What town in Mississippi received its name because of a poker game? See page 112.
16. Was there a religious significance to the naming of Hephzibah, Georgia? See page 104.
17. What was the romantic reason why White Horse Beach, Massachusetts received its name? See page 32.
18. What town in Pennsylvania has a very sexual name? See page 50.
19. What is unique about the museum in Regent, North Dakota? See page 266.
20. What town in North Carolina received its name because of a grove of chinaberry trees in the area? See page 89.

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