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Walking The Hill: Memories, Dreams and Stories of Baylor
Author Herbert B. Barks
978-1-935186-48-9 Hardcover
978-1-935186-57-1 Softcover
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
6" x 9"; 212 pages on archival paper; 70 photographs; Case bound (hardcover) $25.00
Perfect Bopund (softcover) $15.00
Availability May 2015
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Baylor School, Attn: Mattson Lewis
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Chattanooga, TN 37405
Transformation of Baylor, a southern, all-white, all-male, private military school from the 1940s through the discontinuation of military training, struggle of integration, hiring of the first female teacher, introduction of the arts into the curriculum, and finally adoption of coeducation in the 1980s. Over 80 personal stories; 70 historical photographs.

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  • Dr. Herb Barks has authored five acclaimed books but, frankly, this is the one I have longed for him to write forever. Nobody understands the heart and soul of Baylor School as does Dr. Barks. Indeed, it could be argued that his influence on our school's history is surpassed only by that of John Roy Baylor himself. From his days as a young boy growing up on this hill in the 1930's to his time last spring with Baylor seniors on the Senior Trip, Herb Barks and Baylor are indelibly linked.
       Walking the Hill is filled with stories that evoke a range of emotions about Baylor and the people who have made it so special. Mostly, this book captures the magical essence of an educational experience that has inspired profound loyalty from members of the Baylor family for more than 100 years. Thank you Dr. Barks, and GBR!
           Scott Wilson, Baylor Class of 1975, Headmaster, Baylor School
  • Likely, no family walked the Hill at Baylor as gratefully as the Barks. Here is a master story teller at his best work recounting those walks. Among the stories, "the fundamental word is gratitude." Dr. Barks shows us his - and our - Baylor and shares his discovery of sacred place. It is the sense of community and place that allows us to know the soul of a school. You will find yourself grateful as you re-read and remember the excitement and quality of teaching, classmates, and faculty you found Walking the Hill.
           Bill Stacy, President and Headmaster, Baylor School 2004 - 2009
  • Baylor School simply changed my life. Dr. Barks has captured the spirit of the school as only he can. It is a unique place blessed with a history of people dedicated to making a difference in young people's lives. This book will take you back to a special time in your life and have you laugh, cry and remember fondly Baylor School.
           Dan Pride, Class of 1978 and C.O.O. of Darley America
  • Graduates know well that the "Baylor Experience" extends far beyond our years enrolled; it runs deeply through our lives, continually empowering and defining us. More than anyone in the last half-century, Herb Barks has lifted Baylor and its people to greatness, and now with his artful telling of Walking the Hill, he invites us back one more time - to remember, to laugh, and ultimately to renew.
           Marc Hunt, Class of 1974 and Vice-Mayor of Asheville, NC
  • For someone who spent over two decades teaching at Baylor School, I found Herb Barks' Walking the Hill: Memories, Dreams and Stories of Baylor a wondrous recollection of those people--young and old--who defined the soul of the school.
       On a different level, however, it is an account of how a school evolved into a community where the creative imagination, the adventurous spirit, and an ever-present sense of fun gave young men and women the chance of a lifetime: to grow into a fullness of being, able to take on the challenges and opportunities of their futures with gusto. Barks' Walking the Hill captures that wonderful spirit, beautifully."
           O. James Morgan, Bright School, Head of School
  • As a teacher at Baylor, my privilege is to teach boys AND girls the importance of understanding the religion and philosophy of their Hindu and Buddhist classmates. As Director of Walkabout, my privilege is to teach and wander with my students in wilderness - from the Himalayas to the Appalachians.
       NONE of this would be possible without the innovative spirit and bold vision of Herb Barks. The humor in Walking the Hill is not accidental. Decades ago, Herb understood that innovation in schools is ineffective without a kind heart and the ability to create fun. Walking
    the Hill captures the years of inspired joy that helped Baylor students fall in love with their school."
       Tim Williams, Director of Walkabout/History Instructor, Baylor School
  • From his great and generous heart, Herb deeply enjoys laughter. He knows how it gives flavor to a good story, even to a Biblical story like The Prodigal Son, or a myth like The Fall of Icarus. There has been lots of laughing on the Baylor hill. You hear it all through the stories, the scripture, in this book. As well as the grief, the failures, the embarrassments, the quiet joy, the wicked grin of Jim Hitt. All human emotions are present, but what Herb hears most clearly is the good laughing. Some of it inexplicable, like Coach Rike's counting: Four, five, six, seving!
          Coleman Barks, 1955, Poet and Professor Emeritus at Universiy of       Georgia; Renowned worlwide for his translation of Jala al-Din Rumi
  About the Author:
Dr. Barks served as a Presbyterian minister in churches in Shreveport, Louisiana, Los Angeles, California, and Lynchburg, Virginia, for a total of 20 years. He was President and Headmaster of Baylor school for 17 years, and Headmaster of Hammond school in Columbia, South Carolina, for 17 years. He and his wife live on Lookout Mountain in Georgia..
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