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Author Dr. Thomas A. Owen
ISBN 978-09793712-7-1 hardcover
978-09814996-8-0 softcover
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description hardcover $28,95 and softcover $22.95 available; 6"x9"; 288 pp
Availability March 2008
Order from Dr. Thomas A. Owen
Affordable Management Consultants
7530 Goodwin Rd.
Chattanooga, TN
HOW WOULD you handle your only son’s death at age 13, keep your sanity and hope – and not be scarred, but enhanced? COULD YOU lose every dollar (over 3 ½ million), your honor, respect, (and a bunch of “friends”) – go to prison for something you did not do – yet recover all losses – and come out a better father, businessman, and advisor, to help thousands succeed? COULD YOU RISE from nothing to a millionaire three times, going broke twice (Do the math)? NOW- I T’S YOUR OPPORTUNITY!
Library of Congress Number This writer is well qualified – both with experience, knowledge, and teaching skills. For years he has delivered his message of Success and Overcoming Failure. Dr. Owen is renowned as “The Common Sense Psychologist.” He is endorsed by the following inspirational leaders.
- Napoleon Hill
- Dr. B.J. Palmer
- Clement Stone
- Dr. William Harris
- Dr. Clarence Gonstead
- Sr. Edward Kramer
- Drs. Bert and John Boutwell
In his chosen profession he is known as the Chiropractor’s Chiropractor” and the “Chiropractor’s Businessman.” The concept of “human nature” has been his preoccupation since high school. He has helped thousands find themselves, succeed, and rise from the bottom.
Other books he has authored:
• How to Overcome
• What Makes the World Go Around
• Nine Keys to Happiness
• Success and God in Rhyme
• Your Personality is Showing
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