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Ma Guy: Ghost Devil
Author A.J. Morano
ISBN 978-1-947589-18-6
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description Case bound 568 pages on 50# archival white; $29.95
Also available as an E-Book $4.99
Availability August 2019
Order from Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
In first-person, fictional protagonist Pauley Walker tells the story of his mafia life in New York City, Las Vegas, Florida and Cuba and then recounts his exploits as a "tunnel rat" severely wounded in Viet Nam during the 1960's.


Library of Congress Control Number: 2019948071

FIC050000 Fiction/ Crime

FIC027260 Fiction/ Romance/ Action and Adventure

FIC000000 Fiction/General












What Readers Are Saying

  • Ma Guy: Ghost Devil is powerful, fast moving and completely absorbing as a journey told by a young man of principal growing up in the gritty world of the Bronx in the 50's who goes on to distinguish himself in Viet Nam and then suffer tragic consequences as a result of his childhood associations. His war scenes are large scale and completely believable, his characters vivid and compelling if sometimes somewhat salty. We will surely hear from this first time author again with his next novel, and soon is not soon enough!
    ~ C.K. Robinson, Editor, The Tiverton Review
  • Ma Guy, Ghost Devil translated from the Vietnamese, is an easy, interesting and entertaining read that amazingly allocates approximately equal text to the mafia in New York City and US "tunnel rats" in South Vietnam. Pauley Walker, the central character, is part James Bond and part Einstein as women adore him, he kills bad guys and Vietcong soldiers, and ALWAYS seems to have the cute bad-guy putdown while recognizing and solving all problems. Unfortunately, his perfection in mafia business, womanizing, and soldiering gradually becomes unbelievable.
    ~ Dr. B. E. Hutchinson, Professor, University of Tennessee
  • Tells a gritty, uncensored, look into the early rise of the mafia in the Bronx, New York, and Las Vegas, Nevada. This story, of a one man wrecking machine, paints a picture of the single most influential figure the history books have never known, wrapping himself into various important ideas and innovations of the 1900s. The protagonist, Pauly Walker, enjoys the benefits of growing up in the mafia with the consequences that are always lurking in the shadows.
    ~ Charles Michael, Attorney, Baltimore Maryland
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