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Columns Left:
Essayettes of a 20th Century Man

Author JAC Chambliss
ISBN 978-0-9779189-6-6
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 6" x 9"; 288 pages; archival paper; perfect bound; $18.95
Availability April 2007

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Memoirs of a Trial Advocate
    For more than seventy years JA Chambliss' columns have been published in: the Chattanooga News, the Chattanooga Times, the Chattanooga News-Free Press, and the Chattanooga Times-Free Press.
    Friends suggested that he collect and publish some of these columns, and he put them together in approximately chronological order. The first was written in 1936. Some have never before been published.
To see a video of JAC Chambliss 1910-2010, published May 18, 2015 by Ben Cagle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g_Oi3UUEYI

Library of Congress Control Number 2996939455

About the Author
 . . JAC (John Alexander Chambliss, III) was born in 1910 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His father and both grandfathers were lawyers, as was he.
. . Educated at the strongly classical (Latin and Greek) Webb School of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, VMI, and Southwestern of Memphis (now Rhodes), he took his law degree at Cumberland University, in Lebanon, Tennessee, graduating in 1932, at age 21. He was a career trial lawyer.
. . In World War II he was a gunnery officer in the Navy in the South Pacific.
. . His late wife was the former Bena McVea of Baton Rouge.
. . JAC actively participated in the business, civic, and religious life of his community. He was an Episcopalian, a trustee of Webb School, a director and 2-time president of the YMCA, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Artsof London, where he both lectured and chaired lectures.
. . His hobbies were many and varied: travel, sketching, color photography, writing both prose and poetry – and the discovery and exploration of people!
. . He died in 2010 at age 99.

To a Small Tailor
At the Symphony
October Prayers
Stephen Vincent Benet
Late Autumn
The Circus
– But Never Quite Forgotten
The Essence Of Nostalgia
New Orleans
Mountain Man
The Psalmist
Bell Buckle Spring
Kings Cross - Sydney
The Band Played On -
Getting the News
Wake Up, World T
he Woman Named Tomorrow
Indian Summer
The Middle Ages
The Green Years End
The Face of the Earth
Thanks and Courage
Memorial Day
Appreciation of Heroism
Charlie and the Mule
Note Written on a Rainy Night
Forests of the Night
Memorial – The Day After
The Obsequious Gentleman and the Babe
Of Dust and Heroes
The Pursuit of Significance
L’ Envoi
The Last of September
The Golden Spell
The Needle of Noon
Londonderry Air
The Shining Racer
Casey Jones and the Ghost
The Lonely Sea and the Sky
The Longest Day
Tall Ships Carry Tall Men
An Answer in the Schools?
Requiem to a Storyteller
The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven
Friendships, Golden and Lasting
Thumbs and Gardens
The Icarus Complex
For Liberty Ships
D-Day – 40 Years Ago
In Memory of Robert Nathan
Restore the Spirit of Liberty
Other Men’s Flowers
Last of the Line
The Voice and a Christmas Fantasy
Memories of ‘The TAG’
The Dream Peddler
‘Arms and A Man’
Mr. Sam
Listen to the Mockingbird
The Fault of Strangeness
Tough Love: Discipline and the Modern World
Home: Mother, Father and a Sense of Security
Reading and the Gift of Imagination
Sounds of Music
The Train of Time
Treasure Memories of All Five Senses
Journalists, Too, Served a Key Role
During W W II
Times of Our Lives
Remembrance and Renaissance
Standing A-Tiptoe
Return to Intolerance
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