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100Years The Little Brown Church
in the Wildwood Union Chapel in Summertown, Walden, Tennessee, 2008
Author Karen Paul Stone
ISBN 978-1-935186-00-7
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description Smyth sewn hard cover; full color jacket; 6"x9"; 416 pp; archival paper; $36.00
Availability November 2008
Order from Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
100 Clegg Street
Signal Mt., TN 37377
•  Discover the Story of Old Summertown, Yellow Fever, Cholera, and
   Mabbitt Spring
•  Learn of Inspiration for Name and Song Little Brown Church in the Wildwood
•  Find the Names of Relatives and Friends Important to Our Community
•  Hear Tales of the Chapel’s Construction and of the Builder’s Fate
•  Read Summaries of Many Chapel Events Through the Years
•  See Over 100 Photographs of People, Places and Events
•  Be Inspired by the Congregation’s Written Memories
•  Savor Memorials to Dear Friends Long Past
•  Use the Extensive Index for Reference

Pictured on the jacket are those in attendance on Sunday,July 27, 2008, as they began to celebrate the Centennial. Attendance that day was 214 (plus 7 dogs) and contributions were $2,925.64. Photograph by Greg Forehand.
The author, Karen Paul Stone, has attended the Little Brown Church from birth, and serves as Historian.











    Union Chapel of Walden’s Ridge was founded in 1908 to meet the need for a summerSunday School when the trip to Chattanooga from the mountain took four hours. It has operated every summer since then. There is no official membership, and it drawsworshipers from all Christian denominations without benefit of clergy or paid staff.
    Lessons are taught by lay teachers at 10:00 a.m. everySunday from the first of June until the end of August. A child leads the day’s Responsive Reading, and children take up the collection. At the end of the service, the children also ring the bell while the congregation sings lyrics adapted for them in 1932 by R. H. Williams from the originalsong Little Brown Church in the Wildwood.
    Originally several Sunday School classes met simultaneously in the one-room Chapel. In 1937 an area was added at the rear. In 2002 the rear section of the Chapel was removed and completely reconstructed in conformation with the preexisting design concept, except that three rest-rooms were added. A stone patio along the side and another in front accommodate the growing congregation and provide handicapped access.
    These projects were generously underwritten by caringChristian individuals, and no money from Benevolenceswas diverted for the work. One hundred percent of fundscollected each Sunday goes to support Christian works.
     Weddings are often held at The Little Brown Church, and rents pay for all Chapel expenses.
    Union Chapel welcomes all who will, of whatever age or creed, to come and hear the Gospel of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, taught according to the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

        Union Chapel
          P.O. Box
          Signal Mt., TN 37377
          10:00 - 11:00AM
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