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From Harlem to Wall Street and Beyond:
To Africa Where It All Began
Author Raphael-Ray Davis
ISBN 978-1-935186-84-7
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 6" x 9" ; perfect bound; 240 pages on archival paper $14.95. Includes This Is Liberia Copyright ©1953 Stanley A. Davis., Library of Congress Catalog Card Number : 52-12928
Reprinted with permission by
Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Type and design by Karen Paul Stone.
Availability January 2017
Order from Author
12220 Woodlands Circle
Dade City, Florida 33425
Autobiography of Raphael-Ray Davis, member of a black immigrant family surviving segregation in Harlem, NY. Born in 1937 of parents from Honduras and Jamaica, Davis learned the key to success was through education. That key opened the doors that would otherwise have been closed. Davis writes about the history of Africa and his experiences touring the continent. Also included is a reprint of his father's memoirs.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016921296




Reissued within these covers are the memoires of Stanley A. Davis, thus providing a collaboration of father and son sharing their amazing experiences from whipping post to Wall Street and beyond.

Stanley A. Davis, was the father of Raphael-Ray Davis. He authored This is Liberia: A Brief History of this Land of Contradictions with Biographies of Its Founders and Builders, reprinted in this volume and originally copyrighted in 1953. An International traveler, he spent five years in West Africa, and had the opportunity to meet and work with the heads of states in Liberia and Ethiopia.

  About the Author: Ray Davis is a real estate agent with Ray Davis Travel. He served as Tax Commissioner in Teaneck, NJ and Commissioner in Lake Jovita/St. Leo, Florida. He lives with his wife, Anita in Dade City, Florida.


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