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How to Start a Court Reporting Business
(for Dumbeeees)
Author Deven Moor
ISBN 978-0-9793712-8-8
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 5" x 8" Perfect bound (softcover) 96 pages archival paper, $19.95
Availability March 2009
Order from
Devin Moor
P.O. Box 3615
Chattanooga, TN 37404
This book is designed to:
  • Assist the prospective Court Reporter, those looking for a career change and needing a glimpse into the wonderful field of Court Reporting.
  • Mentor the beginning Court Reporting student upon entry into the program, while providing insight into what's expected at each level of study.
  • Encourage the intermediate Court Reporting student who has made it halfway through the program, and has now become discouraged and is contemplating dropping the program.
  • Help the Court Reporting graduate start a successful Court Reporting business upon entering the job market as an entry-level Court Reporter having absolutely no experience.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2007942425

STU021000 Study Aids : Professional - General
EDU002000 Education : Adult & Continuing Education
LAW023000 Law : Court Records



Chapter 1: Self- Assessment
Chapter 2: Mastering Theory
Chapter 3: Speed Building Strategies
Chapter 4: At The Crossroads
Chapter 5: Stretch to the Finish (Part I)
Chapter 6: Stretch to the Finish (Part II)
Chapter 7: Graduation Day
Chapter 8: Starting a Court Reporting Business
Section 9: Glossary of Terms
About the Author:
    Author and successful Entrepreneur, Deven Moor, is a Licensed Practicing Certified Court Reporter who has practiced for over thirty (30) years and is considered an expert in her field.
    Starting with nothing but a typewriter, she has worked her way up to a six-figure income, as business continues to grow. She encourages the reader that the principles outlined in this book will work for any career choice, and not just for Court Reporting.
    She states, "Over thirty-two years I've received numerous calls from Court Reporting students needing to be mentored, needing to be coached, needing support, or just needing to make contact with someone who has completed the Court Reporting Program.
    "The Field of Court Reporting is one of the most difficult and demanding careers anyone will ever undertake -- thus, the need for mentorship! Because I never had a mentor and desperately lacked support in that area, I was forced to learn from trial and error, making numerous mistakes that could have been avoided. That's why I chose to write How to Start a Court Reporting Business (For Dumbeeees)."
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