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Secrets of the Forest: Volume 1
The Magic and Mystery of Plants
and The Lore of Survival
Author Mark Warren
ISBN 978-1-935186-81-6
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 8.5" x 11" ; 256 pages on archival 100gsm (70#) matte artpaper; Flexi-Bind Illustrations by Mark Warren. Photographs by Bard Wrisley, Dan McMahill, Hugh Nourse, Penny Holt, Jeff
McMahill, Adam Nash, and Susan Warren.
Type and design by Karen Paul Stone.
Availability November 2016
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Author Mark Warren

Magic and mystery of plants; identifying and using 100 wild plants as food, medicine and craft; the lore of survival; primitive shelter, water purification, tools, cooking, cordage, insect repellents, traps and snares. Over 200 original hands-on activities; 293 illustrations; Index
Is This Book for You?
If you are a student of Nature on the quest to master the ancient survival skills of the Native Americans, this series of books is your step-by-step guide.
* If you are a teacher who understands the value of experiential education for your students or scouts or outing club, your lesson plans lie within these covers.
* If you are a hiker who wants to carry less gear and become more self-reliant by using what the forest has to offer, these pages will lighten your load.
* If you are an employee at an outdoor venue (private, state or national park; summer camp; Nature center; river, trail, or hunting guide) and you crave more knowledge of your natural surroundings for the sake of teaching clients, your schooling begins here.
* If you yearn for that intimate relationship that the Native Americans enjoyed with Nature - to transcend from visitor to participant in the forest, that life-changing journey begins here.
* And especially if you are a parent who seeks the practical and spiritual grounding for your child that comes from time spent in the workshop of Nature, these pages are stepping stones on a pathway of adventures that you and your child can walk together. Quality family time, being at home in Nature, learning the most fundamental skills that humans were meant to use on this planet … you'll find that here.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016915146

NAT013000 Nature : Plants - Flowers
NAT026000 Nature : Plants - General
NAT034000 Nature : Plants - Trees
SCI011000 Science : Life Sciences - Botany
REF031000 REFERENCE / Survival & Emergency Preparedness





Mark Warren is a true gift to the world of outdoor education. His lessons have sent myriads of educators into the world armed with real substance, a sense of meaningful connection, and a passion for sharing. I am one of these educators. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the knowledge he shared with me and his influence on my life.
~ Nathan Roark, Executive Director of Buffalo Cove Outdoor Education Center, Deep Gap, NC

There is such an empowerment in having real, proven, self-tested survival skills. With Mark as your guide you feel less like you're traveling into the wilderness and more like you're coming home. The world needs this knowledge more than ever.
~ Cody Foor, Professional Martial Arts Instructor, Duluth, GA

Mark's nature and survival skills lessons teach the "whole child." Not every student loves sports or excels in academics, but those students might just find their true passion and talents hidden in nature.
~ Randi Schlosser, Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator, St. Peter's Episcopal School, Red Bank, TN

  About the Author: Mark Warren lives with his wife Susan in the mountains of north Georgia at his school, Medicine Bow. He has been teaching survival skills and nature classes for 45 years. In 1980 he was named Georgia's Conservation Educator of the Year by the National Wildlife Federation. He is author of Two Winters in a Tipi, published by Lyons Press, 2012.
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