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Sara Claus
and the Flying Christmas Pigs
Author Dr. Robert Spalding
ISBN 978-0-9711068-5-7
Publisher Chattanooga Fu Fu Factory
softcover 5.5" x 8.5" 92 pp archival paper $15.95
Availability February 2010
Order from
Author, Dr. Robert T. Spalding
1225 Taft Highway
Signal Mt, TN 37377
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    The North Pole is melting; Santa is sick; the polar elves can’t make toys in their water-logged work stations; the reindeer have deer mites and are too itchy to fly.
    So who can fix these Christmas disasters?
    That’s right - Sara Claus and legions of flying pigs.
    Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs confirms the rumor that Mrs. Claus is not just a sweet, white-haired grandmother figure, but an energetic executive CEO, who gracefully runs the North Pole by computer with one hand and bakes cookies with the other.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2010902154










  • “I thought that Sara Claus was outstanding…it made me want to giggle.”Julia
  • That is really, really awesome, and I’m not just saying that. Give your pal a pat on the back for me, please! And thank you for sharing it with me! Brye, age 12, South Carolina
  • ”Excellent! What a novel idea to be able to see the North Pole through the eyes of Mrs. Claus.” Jennifer Agan, mother of 4
  • “It made me feel happy inside!”Jessica
  • “Entertaining and gives credit where credit is due – to Mrs. Claus” Linda Wyatt Owner, Wild Hare Books
  • “An entertaining read for the whole family! One of the few children’s books that kept me wide awake without dozing off.” James, oldest of 4 siblings (who reads to the others)
  • “My favorite part was with the flying pigs and the deer mites.” Joseph, age 13, Tennessee
  • “Utter amazement! I am speechless.”John
  •   Robert T. Spalding, Jr. is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He founded the Area Podiatry Centers in Tennessee in 1998 and is author of The Kingdom of Fu Fu, The Fu Fus Go to New York, Death by Pedicure, The Science of Pedicures, Drug Subs, How to Live Homeless in Style, and Death by Manicure,.
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