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Echoes of McLemore Cove
(Walker County, Georgia)
Author Vera Frances Cannon Coulter
ISBN 978-0-9761033-9-4   or  0-9761033-9-7
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Hard cover; 160 pages; 8.5" x 11" $29.95
52 color photos; over 100 black & white photos and Illustrations
Availability December 2005
Order from:
Walker County Commissioner's Office
P.O. Box 445 - 101 S. Duke Street
LaFayette, GA 30728
  • Discover the McLemore Cove Historic District, a 50,141 acre community with 293 contributing historic sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Relive Northwest Georgia’s rural past in this pioneer community.
  • Understand the Cherokee heritage of the North Georgia area, following one prominent family’s roots.
  • Find pioneer family descendents enjoying their ancestral homes in this beautiful cove lying between Lookout and Pigeon Mountains.
  • Look backward and forward in time at a place made famous during the Civil War.

Library Of Congress CIPData:
Summary: “History of McLemore Cove in Walker County, Georgia. Includes Cherokee Indian records, Civil War records, small local communities, families, churches, schools, local commerce, houses, and cemeteries. Contains 52 full
color photos and over 100 black
and white photos”
Provided by publisher.

1. McLemore Cove (Ga.)--History.
2. McLemore Cove (Ga.) --History-- Pictorial works. 3. McLemore Cove (Ga.)--Biography. 4. McLemore
Cove (Ga.)--Genealogy. 5. Walker County (Ga.)--History, Local. I. Title.
F292.W16C68 2005






We the members of the Walker County Historic Preservation Commission commend Vera Coulter on the publication of Echoes of McLemore Cove which interestingly traces the development of one of the most pristine sections of our county. This work is in furtherance of what commissioner Heiskell had in mind when she created this Commission a few years back, that is to preserve for posterity the history and heritage of our county. Hopefully the publication of this book will inspire preservationists of other areas of our county to follow suit.
--Judge Charles Clements, Jr., Chairman
--Walker County Historic Preservation Commission
•Vera Coulter’s Echoes of McLemore Cove is a fascinating history of names, places and activities of McLemore Cove, the compiling of which demanded meticulous research.
--John G. Webb, Jr., President
--McLemore Cove Preservation Society
•Facts, Families and Silent Places, all this and more reverberate throughout the pages of Echoes of McLemore Cove. The book is true “chicken soup” for the local historian and a must for every local researcher’s library.
--Clayton Bell, President
--Walker County Historical Society
•McLemore Cove is one of the most intact rural landscapes remaining in the State of Georgia. At 50,141 acres, it is the state’s largest historic district. Vera Coulter was instrumental in the effort to list the Cove in the National Register of Historic Places, and her tireless work to document and preserve the Cove’s history is exemplary.
--Dan Latham, Historic Preservation Planner,
--Coosa Valley Regional Development Center, Rome, GA
•McLemore Cove in Walker County is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and this book richly describes its history and scenic beauty.
--Senator Jeff Mullis, Chairman,
--Georgia Senate Economic Development Committee
About the Author
Vera Frances Cannon Coulter was born in Whitfield County, Georgia and moved to St. Elmo, a suburb of Chattanooga, Tennessee, when she was three or four years old. She graduated from Tennessee’s Chattanooga High School in 1939, going on to Wiley School of Business. She then worked at Hajoca Corporation.
      She married J.W. (Jay) Coulter, Jr. in 1946, and moved to McLemore Cove. Later when her daughter, Mary, was born she stayed at home. After several years she decided to go back to work, but did not want to drive into Chattanooga. Having worked with children in Sunday school, Girl Scouts, and 4-H, she wondered if she could be a teacher. Vera asked the Department of Education if they needed a teacher out in the Cove. Because teachers were hard to come by so far from the city, they encouraged her, and she went to the University of Chattanooga for four straight years, finishing her degree at midterm on a Friday, and started teaching at Cedar Grove School on Monday. She taught second and third grades and “loved every minute”.
      Vera led her classes to the John McLemore marker near the school when they studied history. She began digging further into local history to share with the students, starting with the Indians of the Cove and going to the local Civil War sites. One thing led to another, as she says, and her life-long interest in Cove history had begun. Vera found that people were always glad to help her in her searches, and credits her sister-in-law and best friend, Doris Coulter Hetzler, whose interest turned to genealogy, with sharing information as she found it.
       Being a principal worker with the McLemore Cove Preservation Society to rescue the Cove from becoming a water reservoir, she remembers that one of the DNR’s Historic Preservation Division’s officers said that she had never worked with a group with as much documentation as the Cove society had. “There is so much history here starting with the Indians, the Civil War, churches, and education, I thought that it should be saved. If you don’t write it down, it will be gone.”
       In writing this book, Mrs. Coulter “tried to put enough names and dates, and touch on a lot of subjects without going into too much depth so that history enthusiasts and those working on genealogy can find clues to help them pursue their interest and dig even deeper”.
       The author is also a member of the Wm. Marsh Chapter of the DAR, Walker County Historical Society, and Cassandra Baptist Church. She lives in a house built in the 1850’s by Wiley Bailey, whose father-in-law, Wm. Hinnard, is an ancestor of her husband. The farm has been in the Coulter name since 1874, and she is thankful that her daughter Mary and her husband Charles Shaw love the farm and intend to keep it in the family even longer.
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