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LITTLE BROWN CHURCH 100 Year Anniversary Edition

  Waldenhouse Publishers Professional Book Preparation
Services can help you with any part of your writing project,
from your initial thought to the finished work.
 Writing   Assistance in planning, organization and research.
Co-authoring or ghost writing.
 Editing   Guidance in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, context, continuity and sometimes even checking for accuracy of content.
Layout, design &
  Advice on type styles, formatting, page layout and cover design to make your book communicate effectively.
Photography or
  Technical support for using your own art, photography or illustrations. Professional illustration and photography are available from Waldenhouse.
  Proof reading   Accurate and consistent proofing before your book goes to the printer.
 Indexing   Professional preparation of an index and other back matter such as glossary, appendix or bibliography.
Digital preparation   Your text - whether typewritten, word process, handwritten or on audio tape - must be converted to a digital form readable by today’s printing equipment.
Printing   A book can be printed in many different ways. Selecting the wrong method can be very costly. Waldenhouse helps you make good price and quality decisions.
  Items such as the critical ISBN number and bar code, Library of Congress CIP (Cataloguing In Publication) number, Books In Print listing, plus brochures, mailers, bookmarks, posters, etc. facilitate successful marketing of your book.
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